1. Tuition Fee

2. Residential College Fee

3. Other Fees and Charges

Please refer the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programme issued by the Registry.

4. Deferral of Tuition Fee Payment

Students who have financial difficulties in settling the tuition fee before the payment due date can apply for Deferment of Tuition Fee Payment by submitting the completed application form “REG Form 01” together with the relevant supporting documents to the Registry by email (registry@hsu.edu.hk), fax (3963 5553) or in person (N101, Block N).  All applications will be reviewed by the Registrar on a case-by-case basis.  Incomplete or late application will not be considered and a late payment penalty will be incurred.  The University reserves the right to deregister students who did not settle payment or submit application for deferment of tuition fee on or before payment due date.  For further enquiry on deferment of tuition fee payment, please contact the Registry at 3963 5555 or email to registry@hsu.edu.hk.  

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