About Finance Office

Our Mission

The Finance Office is committed to serve the business and financial management needs of the University in a professional, cost efficient and timely manner that supports the University to achieve its mission and meets its financial obligations.

Our Team

Financial Planning

  • To coordinate the annual budget process and rolling 5-year financial plan.
  • To undertake financial analysis and provide inputs to the strategic plan, business plans and any other initiatives.
  • To prepare budget variance analyses.
  • To monitor the performance of the investment portfolios.

Financial Accounting and System

  • To prepare financial reports to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and accounting policies and standards.
  • To provide system administration and user support of the financial accounting system.
  • To process payment requests in a prompt and cost-efficient manner.

Tuition Fee, Payroll and Treasury

  • To manage an effective tuition and other fee collection services.
  • To manage the payroll, Mandatory Provident Fund contribution and salaries tax return.
  • To manage the bank accounts.

Procurement, Catering and Insurance

  • To develop the procurement strategies and policies and manage the day-to-day procurement activities.
  • To manage the outsourced on-campus catering services.
  • To manage and regularly review the general insurance policies for adequate coverage and risk management.
  • To manager other business services including office supplies and business/ group travel.

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